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Seoul, Korea, 2009

Architect: R&Sie(n)… Paris

Creative team: François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux, Toshikatsu Kiuchi

with Leopold Lambert

Key dimensions: 750 m2

Situation; Seoul, Heyri

TWO Clients; Julieta and J.J. Lee + Pablo Lee on two separated lands

Cost: 2m $

Scenario:  How to blur the boundaries between two properties (As a Proudhonism request : property is theft !)

1) Multi purposes facilities of  750m² including a private residence of 100 m²

2) Positioning the building both in the ‘’interior edge’’ of a forest and cliff, on the borderlines of the two lands, two properties.

3) Creating by a twist the blur of property: each owner develop the vertical extension of his land over the one of the other.

4) Developing a ‘’Termite’’ morphology, between a fungus cavern (exhibition space) in the deepness of the hill and a visible mount as the extrusion of the ground (domestic space)

5) Unfolding the program in these multitudes of platform in spiral, with a labyrinth and heterotopic accessibilities.

6) Developing the green anomaly by two types of components and two osmotic transfer

- The entropic Kudzu plant colonizing both landscape and building ... cleaning by hydroponic system the waste water

- The transparent component done by Plexiglas vacuum roto-thermoforming (large scale).... bringing the light in the building.


It’s the story of territory which is at the boundaries between South and North Korea, the DMZ. Where the land in infected by land mines and totally abandoned since the end of the Korean War, more than half a century ago. Because of this military situation, of a non-domesticated nature, some new species of insect, of trees, of seeds re-appear on the surface of the planet, and by this way the nature re-define its own rights in monstrous uncontrolled entropy. In this movement of sprawling an anomaly, a singularity appears from the surface of the forest, as the trace of the disease of the location.

The project is coming from two clients, on two separated but neighborhood lands. The twisted boundaries help them to negotiate their Siamese friendliness, and to fuzz the notion of property.

One owner is bringing the light; the other is cleaning the waste water. It's developing an osmotic negotiation, between Eros and Thanatos, between dirtiness and purity....between the monster (Pablo Lee) and an angel (Julieta)...


                                                                       Symbiosis movie (240 ko) / 30 s

                                                     Symbiosis movie (240 ko) / 30 s