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[anomalies au fond du jardin]

[…vers quel néant le balais des sorcières ‘’nous’’ entrainent-ils...] Milles Plateaux / G.D.+F.G

Meudon, France, 2008, Seroussi Familly house

Architect: R&Sie(n) + Pierre Huyghe

Creative team: François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux, Toshikatsu Kiuchi + Pierre Huyghe

Machine with Stephan Henrich, architect

Hydroponic Tentacles : from a research with has been developed by Jean Philippe Poirée-Ville

Collaborator: Devin Jernigan, Marc Fornes

Key dimensions: 400 m2

Client;  Galerie Seroussi, Paris

Cost: 1 m€

Design of an extension of an André Bloc house, as a domestic museum (paintings + cabinet de curiosité)

1) Developing parasites in the garden creating stimuli of entropic revenge of the nature

2) Hydroponics tentacles colonising “heterotopically” the back of the garden

3) Perforating sun_glass eyes in the two turbulences vortex

4) Domesticating and quieting gradually the violence of the nature for artistic substitution (from green turbulence to smooth white wall, support and vector of Art production)

5) Transportation machine from seating down to standing up as a shortcut of human evolution, from the André Bloc house to this ghost monstrous excrescence.





                                                                         Vehicle from Andre Bloc to Broomwitch









PS / the Master of Ceremony of the Seroussi family (Lulu for intimacy talks) seems more interested to buy a small Claude Parent house, just in the boundaries of the property than to construct something innovative....skyzophrenia period between the promotion of involvements in experimentations and strategy of invest back from patrimonial addiction >>>