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The battle of impermanency (opus 5.1)

François Roche from R&Sie(n)

with Assistant-Partners

Ezio Blasetti & David Pigram

Gsapp / Fall 10

Title of the course

(n)certainties, the battle of impermanency (Opus 5.1)


The studio will be in the pursuit of the previous Opus (visible on http://www.new-territories.com/laboratories%20teaching.htm ) but in a specific and following the new development of cession 09.

The materiality of the construction by ‘’computation and robotic process’’ developed more precisely in this following text will integrate, in this new Opus, its own life span, as a protocol of death and life, of Eros and Thanatos.

The substances of the indeterminacy will be impermanent, and by this way affected by necrosis, shrinking, metabolizing…. sensitive to external or internal (chemical, bacteria, climate…) agent in correspondence to the transformation of the environmental condition.

The constructive materiality of the self organizing contract will become a factor, an agent of permanent re-shaping, through a skyzophrenic energy between it s own bio-degradable desapearing and the maintenance of it’s physicality.

This battle, this conflict will work both in strategies of addition and subtraction processes, with the risk that, in this field of war, the building could die. The negociation (robotic behavior, computation protocols, chemical bio-polymer…) of its life span will become the substract of its own aesthetic.

The parameters and the agents of mutation will be controlled to increase or not speediness and radiation of decomposition.

This new version of (n)certainties introduces the unprediction as a factor of production but simultaneously of transformation, until even a complete degradation as a C2C story (Cradle to Cradle).

“That the democracy deficit in the making of the city and the abuse of tools – dating from a period where the reason of a few presided over the destiny of the many – made it impossible to take on board mutations produced by the fragmentation of informational and productive mechanisms”.

“That liberal space was constructed in terms of social control, and that the contemporary 30th-century city retained all the stigmata of that”.

Deleuze, introduction to Anomalie Sauvage, Toni Negri, PUF, 1983


-Impermanency of the substances, as ‘’things which necrose’’

-uncertainty and unachievment (of each invidudual living part and collective structure)

-no pure privacy as an individual insulation, as a gate flat

-a minimum three store living (a cave, a flat, a attic)

-local negociation / no global control (on view, on air, on access…) for local adpatation, variability, as a “desirable machine”

– measurment and strategy of colonisation (no panoptic references but XYZ positionning /GPS)

– strategies of bio-mechanical robot (from low tech to high tech) / strategy of construction…even deconstruction / reconstruction

-neighboohood protocole (human swarm intelligencies !)


Possibility of a abstract location, or a location in a situation. In this last hypothesis the site is able to affect the “construction process” or by the specificity of the situation (chemical/morphological/topographical) or by the possibilities to use recycling material of construction from the site (car garbadge, river, existing building to recycle…)

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