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Mosquito bottleneck 

Trinidad, 2003
Architect: R&Sie(n)...Paris
Designer: Mathieu Lehanneur
Creative team: François Roche, Mathieu Lehanneur, Stéphanie Lavaux, Jean
Navarro, Pascal Bertholio
Key dimensions: 130 m2
Client: Ema and Cesar Reyes, Trinidad
Cost: 200,000 USD
Construction of a private house for an art collector in Trinidad.
1) Detection of the mosquito-borne West Nil Fever virus on the island.

2) Mixing this objective paranoia with a desire for safety.
3) Developing a Klein-bottle twist between the two contradictory data:
humans and insects.
4) Living and dying of mosquitoes in the house trap.
5) Introducing a fragile structure and materials, like fabric netting everywhere, in recognition of the geographic position of this island, naturally protected against hurricanes. 

6) Weaving together all the surfaces of the house – floor, façade and roof – with plastic
wire and plastic shrink-wrap.

7) Resonance between the buzzing of the mosquitoes and the vibration of the structure.