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The Game,

Philippe Parreno, François Roche, 2003

It’s a tale of another future, lost in a Thai rice field.

It's about Siamese twins :

"Hybrid Muscle,” R&Sie…, 2003, the shelter that produced a movie

"Boys from Mars," Philippe Parreno, 2003, the movie that produced a shelter

After being invited by his friend and colleague Tiravanija in 2001 to build a common space in the Land in Chang Mai – Thailand, Philippe Parreno signed up François Roche and his studio R&Sie(n) to co-sign the scenario. They both developed a story titled “the Game”, about a  Siamese twins production, ''Hybrid Muscle' as a shelter that produced a movie, and "Boys from Mars,"  as a movie that produced a shelter. The movie by Philippe Parreno and the building by R&Sie(n) are contingent and simultaneous, and they need to be considered as the two artfacts of the Game

In a sort of ‘’Game’’ between the artist and architect, the project was realised with the intention that it initially be used as the set for Parreno’s film Boy from Mars (2003-2005), and that the film would leave behind a permanent structure that could be used for social purposes and common life, contrary to almost all normal movie sets, which are typically destroyed.


Hybrid Muscle

Chang Mai, Thailand, 2003

Scenario : “The Game”,  François Roche & Philippe Parreno

Architect: New-T / R&Sie(n)

Contractor: Christian Hubert de Lisle, ADS

Creative team: François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux, Jean Navarro

Key dimensions: 130 m2
Client: The Land, Rirkirt Tiravanija,
Cost: 65,000 USD

Construction of a work and exhibition space that would generate its own electricity and thus be “unplugged” from the power grid. Private commission.

Scenario : 

1) Construction of an animal “engine” driven by the muscle power of a pachyderm. Storage of the mechanical energy through the lifting of a two-tonne steel counterweight. Transformation of the mechanical energy into electrical energy. To power ten light bulbs, laptop, cell phones.

2) Natural ventilation through the quivering of the façade leafs made of sheets of elastomer that work in the same way as temporary shelters made of teak leaves.

Postscript : An albino Buffalo replaced the Elephant.