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1) Massive Gangrene {but}… / Upenn  / 

2) Monad Nodul / Innsbruck


1) UPENNMassive Gangrene {but}…

_A strategy of urbanibbling reboot_

Location / BKK-Thailand

Francois Roche / TA –Devin Jernigan

Similar to the Rauschenberg 1953 art piece, Erasing a De Kooning Drawing, to recreate the condition of the void, of the absence, for a monochrome without any other traces than the furrows of the pencil pressures on the surfaces of the paper… our intention is to nibble the city, literally, by operative mode as crunching, scrunching, munching, through digesting, metabolizing, stomaching…to regurgitate new assemblages, new (dis)order of smashed construction by vomiting, pooping, extruding, aggregating…with delicate violences…to reboot flagshi(t)p…and drift, shift social delusion of organization… Upenn Course Fall-2014

The new ‘agencement’ will be developed as a permanent question and formulation of its ‘Raison d’Etre  (Questioning the notion of property, of limit, of endlessness entropy, of permanence and/or nomadism, of relationship between species and substances, material and immaterial, through neighborhood instructions and combinatory of possibilities, lines of escapes… re-contractualising the transactional process and rules of social organisation…/ in the pursuit of the ‘Insurrectional Architecture’ [Chaneac, Friedman / see text below)].

Remapping the city with instrument of recycling-digesting will be in this case a kind of rebooting to occupy situationswith others strategies...of contacts, of frictions, of conflicts.

It includes strategies of contamination, of chemistry exogenous or endogenous agents, of decay and metamorphosis directly applied on urban corpse as the antidote of the system of survey which has never been so highly developed since the Panoptical Jail of Pennsylvania, and described in ‘the History of the Madness’ of Michel Foucault. It includes to reconsider Heterotopia vs Panoptical, property vs nomadism, finitude vs un-achievement, eternity vs time lapse, sustainability vs erosion….decay…

Technologies will be used as a process to reset-reboot contents and morphologies from flagship icon addiction to proliferating protuberances… mixture of disease and cancroid logic-illogic growing in a symbiotic exchanges with all the ingredient of the urban corpse, in a ‘play’ of exquisite cadaver (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exquisite_corpse)


3D entertainment effects are mainly used in the time of last blockbusters to report and enjoy cataclysm and ‘catastrophes’, rarely to construct a urban aesthetic (some counter example: 2046 of Wong Kar-wai in an homage to Chernikov, or the multiple layer of the Constant-New Babylon syndrome in some others…or with naive ideology of the peace full future as the Thirteenth floor…or through  topological fold of existing tissues as Inception…etc).

Playing the city as the theatre of the major disasters, snatching infrastructure and high rises in an apocalyptic vision (see the short list of movies below) seems to be the main occupation of the special effect studio. Architect are contradictorily designing a urbanity that Main Stream Blockbuster explodes, implodes, earthquakes, floods, twists, hurricanes and smashes as a busy daily routine of alienated entertainment.

‘Erotism’ chose definitively the devil side, as the Hell part of ‘the delight of the earthly garden’ of Hieronymus Bosh, where the Titanic singers bawled ‘god save the queen’…

Why do we are so attracted by the vision of our own urban environment and design devastated and erased with so much sophisticated violence and pleasure?

What kind of symptom is it revealing? Just a business? Not sure in fact.

Could we, as a pervert reciprocity, send back to this 3D effect industry… their ‘desegregation’, {but}… with a strategy of a re-aggregative phenomena, of assemblages and ’agencements’, which recompose relationships between species, which question the contingencies of those pre-existing models, still visible in the DNA of their fragmentation, buried in their rubble, similar to the furrow, the trace of the pencil in the Rauschenberg de-painting monochrome.

‘Spectacle is the guardian of sleep’ to quote Guy Debord


The studio will be in the pursuit of the previous Opus (10 studios Upenn, Gsapp, Angewandte, USC, RMIT…) visible on http://www.new-territories.com/laboratoriesteaching.htm) with strategies of emergences by ‘’computation and robotic process’’,  sciences and ‘patascience, chemistry and alchimistry, integrating notion of “life span”, as a protocol of death and life, of “Eros and Thanatos”, this new Opus will be the occasion to develop  scenarii and a design process which will stutter between the emission and its erasing, as a pathology creating multiple disorder, not only  on the construction itself  but also on the anarchic behavior of the users and other species.

This antagonism, this dilemma, the confrontation (sympathy, empathy, antipathy) between human and space…will be located in Bangkok, at the place of an existing unachieved building.

A trip in BKK of one week is planned (using the studio of New-Territories / or at the beginning of semester between the 5th to the 11th of October / or more at the end to create a prototype) / Hotel on Chao Phraya River / http://www.riverviewbkk.com/)



“The Accursed Share”, and “Story of the eye” of Georges Bataille

‘The society of the spectacle’ of Guy Debord

‘T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone’, Hakim Bey (Peter Lamborn Wilson) published in 1991 by Autonomedia

The ruins as an Aesthetic ‘entertainment’

Zabrisky point (in LA) / Idiotcracy (in LA) / Fight Club  / La jetee (Twelves Monkeys)

But also and mainly the blockbuster where LA is both location of the industry of production (film) and destruction (city) / Independence Day (in LA) / 2012 (LA) / Battle in LA / The day after tomorrow (LA) / Terminator 2 / Judgement day (LA) / Resident Evil Afterlife (zombie) (LA) / Godzilla / Transformer (LA)

The Ruins as a post War or Climate deregulation

… from science abuses to human Barbaria (past and actual locations)

The Ruins as romantic approach

Ruskin, The stones of Venice  / The desert of Retz…



An abandoned building in BKK, as a proposal of the origin point of contamination


images model_000370383 model_000240383 (1)

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Hydrodemolition1 concrete-10 adiatarakti_kopi17 4_775


2) INNSBRUCK / Monad Nodul 

_The solitude of the hunter_

Location / Austria Mountain / Snow  Location / Winter time

Francois Roche / Stephan Henrich

TA / Moncayo Asan, Galo Patricio / Griebel Peter / Galo.Moncayo-Asan@uibk.ac.at / Peter.Griebel@uibk.ac.at

(a Fiction Props + Movie)

It seems that we are starting to navigate as an hunter in a Nomad Module, located and lost in an hostile climate. 

We should prototype a Lab and sleeping module for one person, surviving in a daily routine in a mountain situation (snowing and white) …But no less than -10 C … The module-lab is small (around 2.5-3m2 on ground / 1.7 -2m high) with a fire somewhere, as greenish cooper green flame. 

The Lab is fully transparent, plugged in snow location and we could see the man or female nudity (without exhibitionism) sleeping, in the light of the small fire (indoor), and appear as a chimney.

The nomad trapper is tired and the fire is crackling (a kind of cliché)… The lab is smoking from the fire combustion…It seems like a typical wood house in the Nebraska mountain…but in a computing-immaterial transparent mode….from where He-She is hunting… some of the beasts are hanged in the lab, bleeding…red color on whiteness of the snow…. it’s not so clear what kind of animal …slowly sun rise is on the way…in the ghost of the dawn…and we assist at the breakfast… as Inuit Indian…She-He is eating a kind of raw liver, …and it seems sweetly, tasty but raw and bloody.

As a normal and repetitive daily routine… At the end of feeding…He-She moves the head up… to perceive and feel the light… and, as usual,  just appear in front of him-her, the earth planet, not so fare…in fact…. but Immobile…



-Articles on Movie / Workshop by New-Territories 

-Morfae – http://www.morfae.com/2693-mindmachinemakingmyths/

-“Story of the eye” of Georges Bataille

-‘T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone’, Hakim Bey (Peter Lamborn Wilson) published in 1991 by Autonomedia

-Barbarella  / JC Wadim 1968

-Solaris / 1) Movie – Andrei Tarkovsky / 2) Book – Satnislaw Lem / 2) Article – Steven Soderbergh 

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