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“Mais voilà qu’en travers de notre route se dressa une silhouette voilée, de proportions beaucoup plus vaste que celles d’aucun habitant de la terre. Et la couleur de la peau de la silhouette était de la blancheur parfaite de la neige…………… "       

E. A. Poe, les Aventures de Gordon Pym, traduction C. Baudelaire.  


Water Flux


Évolène, Suisse (Scrambled Flat 2.0)

Architect: R&Sie(n)… Paris

Creative team: François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux, Jean Navarro

Engineer: Guscetti & Tournier, Geneva

Interior Design ; R&Sie(n)

Museum apparatus ; Gorka Arrizabalaga

Key dimensions: 1,000 m2

Client: Maison des Alpes, Public Foundation

Cost: 10 million FS

Design of a building for an art museum/alpine ice research station

1) Digitization of the envelope of a traditional habitat.

2) Scooping out hollows within this volume as if it were an ice cavity, but in full wood by a 5 axes drill machine.

3) Water states and flows vary according to the seasons: The ice flows and freezes; the ice façades freeze and melt, forming a pond in front of the building.

4) Exacerbation of the winter climate by artificial snow (500 m3)

5) Construction by CNC machine processing, 5 axes, in full wood (2000m3-2000 trees, extracted on two years from the maintenance of the forest) and reassembling the manufactured 180 pieces on site.

6) Re-activation of local economy (50% of the annual wood production of the territory of Evolène village on two years)


Go to Movie of prototyping by 5 axes CNC (4 mo streaming mpeg4)

                                                          CNC machine 5 axes, maximum surface 40x5 m

                                                                                                180 pieces for assembling on site