Practice as LifeSpan

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Click for Movie 1.7 mo / .mov4 / 15s


‘’things which necrose’‘

Denmark 2009 + Suede 2010

Architect: R&Sie(n)… Paris

Creative team: François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux

Collaborator : Maxime Aumon-Bemelmans

Contractor : CHD / Christian Hubert Delisle

Key dimensions: 10 m² (Denmark) + 400 m² Stockholm


- Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark. Kjeld Kjeldsen, Arne Schmidt-Petersen

- Stockolm 2010, Suede. Jan Aman, Färgfabriken / Jacob Fant, Rewir

Cost: 60 000 euros + 1.5 m euros

Design : Limited time span & biodegradable pavilion + prototype

1) Developing a bio-plastic with hydro-soluble polymer from agriculture.

2) Designing a paneling relief, integrating membrane and structure of the building, which could be strategically and slowly ‘’necrosed’’ by the control of the degree of humidity in atmosphere.

3) Developing the injection mould by CNC machine processing, 5 axes

4) Adding some mist nozzle to emphase or reduce this disappearing protocol, as a dimmer system.

5) Adjusting the life span of a temporary building (one floor for the first experiment), from its construction to its melting down.



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