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Application postponed up to 29 Mai 2016



At the occasion of the Biennial of  Istanbul

In the stuttering of languages and European politics / At the occasion of the Biennial of Istanbul 2016 / SexPolitic&Robotic[but]Architecture / Boost a small libido-Embassy / flirting with the forbidden / for a co-authorship Biennial production /…

[a project of synesthesia / Political _”PORN”_Computational-Robotic]

Francois Roche, Ezio Blasetti, Stefan Henrich,  Danielle Willems, Stephanie Lavaux with Vongsawat Wongkijjalerd and a special guest …are invited to present inti{M’}Bassy  through a new summer workshop / mkation#7

inti{M’}bassy / TAG inti{M’}bassy / a mind-sexual temptation Embassy / in the pursuit of “The Köln symptom'” / “Comput-Biology of passion” / sweating design, with affinity, allurement for a special shelter on the European Territory facing eastern survival drive, wild migration, cultural confrontation, protoracism and real prosecutions / an anthropotechnics research and fabrication with expertise in operative conflict with human pathologies / e-motion polygraph tracking process : from sensitive impulses to robotic sensor interfaces_ real time feed back and fabrication /  #AntiOedipus


Robotic & Politic but Architecture ………….mkation #7 / workshop

Preamble / We are not minimizing the crisis, the humanitarian drama, the horror of family facing the death, the responsibilities of western countries in Iraq-Libya-Syria politic and wars. At the opposite, this project and intentions are supposed to reveal, transfigure, alter,  the cultural gap and simultaneously the proximity, promiscuity, tenderness, shyness between people who don’t know theirs differences…and have to negotiate their sympathy, empathy, antipathy / as a strategy of metabolizing of “estrangement” to quote Alan Ginsberg. 

We are not minimizing the situation in Turkey, or in the world in general (including France and Paris 13th Nov.). We will be in the enclosure of the studio X (500m2) and the Biennial (same neighborhood area). Without any polemic, they is more risk to be a student in a US Campus with school massacres (180 since 3 years) as Colombine syndrom than traveling in Turkey…  we will work and live in a secure zones, not touristic. 


Project Abstract / int{M’}bassy is a scenario triggering the production of a shelter and a movie which will take place, next fall, in Istanbul, at the occasion of the 2016 Biennial. The purpose aims to tackle the European refugee circumstance with a polemic, politic and empathetic angles (following the new year conflict and assault in the city of Köln, Germany). We will produce a ‘prop’, an artifact, for a ”eros-thanatos” encounter between two post-cultures (East-West/Muslim-Calvinist/Male-Female/Refugees-Citizen) … as well as a short fiction film narrated around this encounter … The production will mix sociology (protocol of meeting, instruction of uses, of legitimate and inappropriate contacts…) and technologies ( computation, robotic fabrication and fiction film-making, as exogenous-endogenous apparatuses). The machine at the origin of the fabrication will be used in a non-repetitive agenda with sensor interfaces able to introduced a non-standard process, using sensor (on sweating, smelling, excitement..) to drive in real time robot…. able to write a building in 3D as a deep typography (Gutenberg Gothic  alphabet Vs Islamic Calligraphy) to define the embassy as a lure-lust feedback (process of engraving-subtraction), in a non-deterministic approach (stuttering of languages and cultures as Babel Tower). The size of the piece will be around 5x3x4 m(Lxwxh) to provoke several conditions of contacts, and protocols of ex-changes. .

(censured video on last Biennial Chicago / What is urgent! / 15 s Barefoot / as an introduction…of the inti{m)Bassy / just relesased in April 2016 after debate)



The design will be developed through the workshop (including Robotic processes) able to negotiate with ”anthropotechnics”  several types of contacts…

-From Shy_timid  zones

-To Protocol of Speeches

-To Flirt Contact-miss-Contact

-To Passion-death drive  OR|AND Individual self-satisfaction !

-To Dandyism Situations…

allPictures from / __Catholic Protocol of Confessional __“Confident” seat (back to back)__ Kiss (Didier Faustino)__ Paris Texas (Wenders)__ Guy-fi / Masturbation Booth in NYc 2015__ In the Realm of the Sense (Oshima)__ __Dejeuner sur l’Herbe (Manet)


Project Timeline

-Preparation of  DIY  May April 2016
-Starting Workshop 27 June 2016 in Istanbul
-Completion / end of Workshop for the Middle of July (20th)

-Editing Movie / August-September
-Opening Biennial Exhibition 22 Oct 2016


The Fabrication will be set on the site of Biennial “in situ” or done at Studio-X ( and moved on site of Biennial in October 2016.


We will produce a special sweat-e-motion sensor (as a Polygraph) connected to an Arduino board and RSI, the robot real time feed back, for improvising conditional trajectories. A kinect 3d scanner will help to keep the Robot nozzle on the track (sweating is controlled by the sympathetic nervous human system, which increases skin conductance able to be measured…) / below first drafty test with Arduino Board-Processing and electrode to check the electric field on skin…



tourrete syndromtube srf1


feed back Noise of the machine 2liw

The workshop will come with a six axes kuka (see robot page) with soft-tool-process-nozzle/ Robot with Real Sensor Interface for analogue digital inputs /

robot fixed on lift2



Last production with sensor interface on firing-writing-scratching+Crane on a forbidden text in Bangkok facing the Military Coup

M4_passages (excerpts from #mythomaniaS short films)

Daily agenda

To optimize production and develop knowledge, we will work on:

. Research – material (in situ expertise, know-how, political and cultural involvements,  literature, mythology, extraction-transformation, symbiosis)

. Process – computation (logic of wiring, staggering, bending,  expanding, with multiple attractors, control and loosing control, point clouds, with variable components, on Rhino Grasshopper and Python scripting), including the  3D scanning.

. Material experiment –   (prototyping, tests of resisting and decay, strategy of construction and destruction, machinism and robotic developments)

. Report (photography, recordings and film / stop motion during all the process of construction)

. Scenario for movie and design narrative co-relation

The work days life will be balanced between computation, fabrication and scenario development. We will do some excursion, for researches and film-making  in Cappadocia region…(the caverns in the stone /cliff or underground / of first Christian against ”Barbarian” invasion), and research on the historical and political spot of Constantinople-Istanbul…


. Movie screening by every two evening

. Computation (Python, Object Oriented, Grasshopper) – Robotic teaching sessions (3 for each)

The previous DIY workshops web-pages    / All previous experiments-Scenario-Fiction-Movie-Fabrication………../ DIY 2014 …………    / DIY 2012 …………..    / DIY 2013


beaustosity lighthapneab lightterrainsola lightSum dayslight

feralchild light


And a fictional movie will be pitched, scenarized, shot and pre-edited, around a siamese production (15 min)

All movie are visible on

Conditions of production

The design of the construction, the scenario, shooting and pre-editing of the movie will be both done during this DIY-Movie workshop, as an adventure of simultaneous teaching-production process between all participants, as a sharing of knowledge, intentions and credits.

This project (design, process, researches, documentation, construction, etc.) will entirely emerge from the collaborative work of our group, as a unique and engaged realization.

Blurring the limits between students and instructors, we will define together a strategy of co-responsibility and co-authorship.

Course offered

Political and Critical Thinking (influences / mythologies / researches / documentaries)
Scripting – Rhino Grasshopper / computation meanings and protocols
Robotic logic / behavior-design
Strategies of exhibition format


-20 students selected on CV/portfolio from anywhere on the planet

The workshop will be the occasion to shape, prototype  and realize

-A small construction of 5-10m2 / called the Embassy / 4 meter high by extraction/excavation in Bio Foam with Robot

-A movie of the fictional report on the inti{M’}bassy (for a duration of 15 min max.)

It will include course of computation, of narration-scenario, of robotic design process, of…



Francois Roche, architect (scenario) / Studio: new-territories – R&Sie(n)+ [eɪf/bʌt/c] / M. Arch (Versailles, UPA3) / Paris – Bangkok – NY / Guest Professor RMIT 2011-2016, Columbia University 2005-2011…UPENN, USC, Angewangte etc…

Ezio Blasetti, architect (computation) / MSAAD Gsapp, Columbia University / Guest Professor Columbia University, PennDesign & Pratt Institute/ Scripting knowledge and abilities

Stefan Henrich, architect (robotic) / M. Arch Stuttgart University / Guest Professor USC &Angewangte University

Danielle Willems, architect / Maeta Design llc / NYC / M.Arch SCI_Arc, MSAAD Gsapp, Columbia University / Guest Professor at PennDesign & Pratt Institute / Scripting & Video+Motiongraphics knowledge and abilities

Stephanie Lavaux, artist / Co-founder of R&Sie(n)-1993-2011 / Kundalini Master

Vongsawat Wongkijjalerd,  architect / new-territories / B.Sc.Arch Chulalongkorn University / scripting and robotics coding

And some special Guests



The authorship will be shared with all the members (max 20) and presented at the Biennial as a collective work with clear credits (as a movie)


Precisions / MindMachineMakingMyths, originally founded in 2011 by Francois Roche, Camille Lacadee




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