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Toolings / Robotic process

The development of a secretion and weaving machine that can generate a vertical structure by means of extrusion and sintering (full-size 3D printing) using a hybrid raw material (a bio-plastic-cement) that chemically agglomerates to physically constitute the computational trajectories. This structural calligraphy works like a machinist stereotomy comprised of successive geometrics according to a strategy based on a repetitive protocol.
This machine is both additive and formative. It is called Viab02.


The Viab02 is an pneumatic articulated machine (robotic muscle system), a variant of protocols for industrial automation using compressed-air and hydraulics.
These machines have tactile sensors at the end of their hooks, but their positioning is determined principally by awareness of their meshing in space. Thus they are both areas of rely and emission (radio frequency finders) so that the group is distributed on the construction site with the appraisal of its neighbors.
The group is comprised of a tank machine (an intermediary filling station) located in the concave side of the structures and five to ten secretion devices (Viab02) linked to the tank by flexible cables meant to supply raw materials and electronic connections.
The secretion consists of the extrusion of a three-string bunch (each 5 cm in diameter) wrapped around on itself, which creates a mapping, a diagonal stripes braid. This makes it possible to ensure a structural homogeneity and a distribution and transmission of stresses (shell effect). The trickiest aspect is the control of the timing of the polymerization of the bio-plastic (see tests). This chemical reaction produces the viscosity and mutual adhesion of the strings. The stickiness and thickness of the bio-plastic  facilitate this ″coagulation.″
Collective mode / The tank loads the file describing the 3D morphology and with its terminal devices works like a 3D printer. This is not a swarm intelligence protocol, properly speaking, but rather a swarmoid, a protocol for a division of labor that is both centralized and distributed. The tank appraises the position of each Viab02 and communicates tasks to them in real time, as well as informing them about obstacles and possible collisions between them and with the emerging structure.
The ViabO2 is a dedicated machine. Its approximation range is limited to its own position (including proximity) and its equilibrium in the pursuit of the best performance of its task, the realization of the 3-D morpho-physiological file).
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Definition / Fluidic Muscle :

Fluidic Muscle is a tensile actuator which mimics natural muscular movement. It consists of a contraction system and appropriate connectors. The contraction system is formed by a pressure-tight length of rubber hose, sheathed in high-strength fibers. The fibers create a Rhomboidal pattern with a three-dimensional grid structure when internal pressure is applied, The hose expands in its peripheral direction, thus creating a tensile force and a contraction motion in the muscle’s longitudinal direction. The usable tensile forces at its maximum at the start of the contraction and then decreases in a virtually linear manner as a function of stroke. An efficient operating range is provided with contractions of up to 15% of the nominal length

Research and Development

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