deamon in venice-BKK

Installation low-cost: 2500 euros

For Jitti’s Demon In Venice chroregraphy performance, in the pursuit of Thomas Man’s novel…with an apparatus trying to contain the invasion of the epidemic disease, the Cholera, trying to repulse the wind of Death and its somberness to preserve the particles of life scattered behind the illusory protection wall… Wind and water are never considering the efficiency of human obstacles as impassable; their natures are untamable, driven by encroachment, overcrossing, overflowing … The flooding of both Bangkok and Venice is a real and non-contingent fact… here despite the awkwardly dismembering landscape, with its lost whiteness, its lost paradise… Black is the future, and the naïve and fragile barrier turns its own physicality against the protagonists, who are coated, wrapped, smothered and strangled by the decaying, by the fragmenting, in a multitude that human constructed and organized… to become again a swarm with its own logic, with its own impermanence and scattered distribution. The pool was a pool, not any more…it turns into a deep, bottomless sinkhole, engraving and digging the ground to find the door to hell…. while the moonlight observes the “dance macabre ” of the daemon in the Siamese twin sister of Venice, Bkk

[eIf/bʌt/c] architects (Camille Lacadée-F.R.)


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