Free the ZOO


-Public protest against the “razing – sterilizing” of Paris Vincennes ZOO
-Protestation Publique et Petition Contre le “Carnage” du ZOO de Vincennes


“This blog is a protest against the voluntary manipulation and intellectual corruption being used to eraze or sterilize the first French Theme Land Park, where nature is both artificialized and renaturalized by concrete engineering, from Eiffel and Hennebique, and Rocaille Pictureques as the first witness of a “Doctor Moreau Island”,  a “Stalker wishes Chamber”…  Blog  includes memories, current views, maps, history, and the concrete innovation and evolution from XIXth Craft Man Know How, from a Walter Benjamin and John Ruskin uniqueness and rarity claims to… NOW… through Digital & Computation Craft, introducing bio-concrete without frame work as a potential of singularities, of multitudes of singularities… re-discovering the non standart prototyping productions “

The Zoo apears as an historical lift, a trans-door from XIXth to XXIth, jumping over the period of “repetition without anomaly”



R&Sie(n) / F. Roche

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