(n)certainties / Biennale of Venice 2010

6 studios of Research in the pursuit of  “I’ve heard about” experimentation will be presented at the next Biennale of Venice / Austrian Pavilion, curated by Eric Owen Moss

The pursuit of (n)certainties biotopes

Several teaching course titled “Uncertainties” has been developed through 5 universities, in Master Class and Cross studio (U-Penn + Columbia in 2006 / Columbia in 2007 / Angewandte + Columbia in 2008 / USC + Columbia in 2009).

All of them are framed by the first research in 2005, titled  “I’ve heard about”, and the last one in 2010 “an architecture_des humeurs”  released in 2010.

These two opus articulate neurobiology, robotic, self-organisation and mathematics in term of the aggregation of “Multitudes” (notion developed by Antonio Negri)

The (n)certainties research is driven by François Roche and Stephanie Lavaux of R&Sie(n) and Stephan Henrich, architect and robotic designer. The other partners on the two cessions are François Jouve, mathematician, Benoit Durandin, architect, Julien Blevarque, programmer, Natanel Elfassy, Winston Hampel, architect, Marc Fornes (some rvb scripts in second opus).

The (n)certainties pursuit in Universities laboratories was the occasion to invite again Stephan Henrich at the origin of the research and some local involvement as David Benjamin in one course, Marc Fornes (script rvb training) in five courses, Manfred Herman and Mat Staudt in one course.

These laboratories articulated logic and illogic between machinism, vitalism and animism processes, in the sense of Leibnitz, through narrative-telling, computation and “gestalt” through scenarios which screwed, chewed, shitted, sweated, swallowed, vomited, pined and also secreted, weaved, knitted, extruded, staggered, scattered, coagulated, aggregated, welded, pinched, braided, spiderneted, bonsaïng, crystallised, calcified, excreted, expanded, branched, pulped, smeared, coagulated, excavated, assembled and disassembled, bended, blended, and their machine picked, spiked, pinched, caressed, embraced, sliced, cut, laminated and loved…

The master class laboratories are visible on:  6 LABORATORIES / (n)certainties

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