Inti{M’}Bassy / / Are we Human !!


Int{M’}Bassy / Are we Human ! _ makation#7 / worKshop / application 10th May /

In the stuttering of languages and European politics / At the occasion of the Biennial of Istanbul 2016 / SexPolitic&Robotic[but]Architecture / Do a small Embassy / flirting with the forbidden


[a project of synesthesia / Political _”PORN”_Computational-Robotic]

Application /

TAG inti{M’}bassy / a mind-sexual temptation Embassy / in the pursuit of “The Köln symptom'” / “Comput-Biology of passion” / sweating design, with affinity, allurement for a special shelter on the European Territory facing eastern survival drive, wild migration, cultural confrontation, protoracism and real prosecutions / an anthropotechnics research and fabrication with expertise in operative conflict with human pathologies / e-motion tracking design process : from sensitive impulses to robotic sensor interfaces_ real time feed back and fabrication /  #AntiOedipus

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