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The Vagabond & the Machine / Tourette Syndrome and RSI (kinect sensor) for 450 Glazed-Clay Components / LabM4-RMIT / with support of the Centre for Design Practice Research (D___lab)

the vagabond and the machine







Symmetric pathologies / strikethrough life and death / tads and dotard facing their suspicious candor and instinctual obscenity / cruel laughter / sardonic growling // no words / ignorance on the verge of Alzheimer / sneering with borborygmi / gobbling and snoring / slobbering / drooling through identical reflects in the mirror / a multitude of Janus double-face // projection / illusion / the escape from those two states of sarcasm / in the darkness of the street / man faces me to get the backlash of his creation / to articulate his ‘reason of being’ / time-break of god’s existence // the perpetuation of the scene of the crime, without hope / Pandora Box / and ‘you think it’s funny’…

(In the versions of Chełm and Prague, as well as in the Polish version of Brothers Grimm, Golem is inscribed with Hebrew words, such as the word emet (אמת, “truth” in Hebrew) written on its forehead… but being deactivated by removing the aleph (א), from “truth” to “death” (met מת =”dead”).

Credits: New-Territories / M4 / RMIT / with Camille Lacadee, Francois Roche, Gwyllim Jahn, Vongsawat Wongkijjalerd, Daniela Mitterberger / RMIT architecture school: Dechao Sun, Marc Gibson, Jordan Wells, James Pazzi, Danica Yee, Judy Junyan QI, Louis Nuccitelli, Tian Zhen, Bowen Nie, Lucian Clifforth

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