Alp Mountain…Innsbruck / Jan 2015 / 





On the pursuit of Ötzi / Scenario – Props – Movie …

Innsbruck Architecture University  / M4

I’m the unknown Ötzi proto-human friend / lost in the whiteness i could spoil / for limited time / preliminary condition to rebirth everyday / / to make tomorrow possible / daily animal instinct / night psychosis /// an impulse to make shelter / diurnal silence / nocturnal conflicts staging my human schizophrenia // hopefully  // call me Sybil/ in my multiple echoes // from larva to nymphas // cycle of repetition / and exquisite corpses…


Produced by: M4 / New Territories _University of Innsbruck (institute for experimental architecture.hochbau) / Francois Roche & Camille Lacadée with Stephan Henrich / Assistant Producer / Galo Moncayo Asan, Marc Ihle, Peter   Griebel / CAST: Martina Lesjak / SCENARIO: Alexander Grasser, Jörg Stanzel / P.R.O.P.S: Lukas Härtenberger, Philipp Rust, Theresa Uitz / SUIT | ROBOT: Lino Lanzmaier, Pedja Gavrilovic, Simeon Brugger / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Alexander Nikolas Walzer, Gülay Güldemir / DIALOG: Theresa Uitz / DIRECTION: Francois Roche / EDITING: Francois Roche & Camille Lacadée / SOUNDDESIGN: Alexander Nikolas Walzer, Gülay Güldemir / ROBOT: Stephan Henrich / MAKE UP: Gülay Güldemir / SUPORTED BY: Spielraum – Fablab Innsbruck, RexLab – University of Innsbruck, Institute for Archeology – University of Innsbruck, Agrargemeinschaft Haggen / SPONSORS | PARTNERS: institute for experimental architecture.hochbau, Vice Rector for Research – University of Innsbruck, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture – University

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