an history of Prince-toontosteron

Sent: F Roche
To: Alejandro Zaera-Polo

I’ve to react… sorry to be the first but everybody is thinking perhaps the same….on his own…about you..boy

The invitation at the origin was only concerning people I respect… at the origin of the shifting>>>

But for some reason, a ‘stupid Spanish’ has been included without any attention of the initial agreement… of the meaning of the initial agreement…

So clearly NO>>>

I will never do a lecture with this kind of brainless testosterone puppet

Francois Roche

From: Alejandro Zaera-Polo

To: F Roche


I am glad not to have to share the poster with irrelevant people. I will leave the pleasantries for Venice…

From: : F Roche
To: Alejandro Zaera-Polo

You are a symptom, dear Alejandro as Patrick S..   as those kind of ‘clever monkey’ who are now distributing award to other ‘clever monkey’…to be sure to blind your playground and avoid to re-question why you got the position… and what could happen outside of your childish border …?

Which has the advantage crime ? At your opinion ? You are a symptom, dear Alejandro, and you get money back mainly because this symptom is simultaneously your blind spot.

The discipline crashed deeply since 10 years.

Few of you are directly responsible of the sinking… from intellectual reductionism.

Link to an article which concern you and others / ‘From Radicalism to Odiotcraty’

I will see you in Venice with the Frida Kahlo Epigone (storefront)… dancing a Rumba between mister testosterone and miss nymphomaniac… superb… those people are so LVMH, so Hype, so sexy…catharsis-tic…. and so what ! we vomited fun…

From an Irrelevant…


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