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Beau-strosity / Movie 3mn>>> https://vimeo.com/78893958

(Beau)strosity is set in the slum of a BKK

megacity in which all assumptions of complex

political cultural structures coexist in continual

violent struggle. What the journalist discovers

is an insidious infiltration of an incestuous

phenomenon, a structure that is an embodiment

of the relationship between mother and son that

amplifies the intensity of their co-dependency.

As familiar boundaries decay we can no longer take

comfort in normative filial relations. What the

film discovers is not an anomaly but a measure

of an emerging circumstance within the city, a

petri dish seething with anamorphic potential.

The revelation of an undiscovered paradigm.


Producer(s):  New-Territories (Francois Roche, Camille Lacadée) + RMIT

Director : Anastasiya Vitusevych

Writer(s) : Dan Schulz, Eleanor Tullock                                 

Lead Cast : Ad +Chanja

Supporting Cast :Crystal Song Choo Jing, Dan Schulz, Vivian Kon Ching Sian

Cinematography : Lila Athanasiadou

Set Director(s): Ada Umgofia, Crystal Song Choo Jing, Dan Schulz, Eleanor Tullock, Loo Yew Hann, Sam Verschoren, Vivian Kon Ching Sian

Sound Director : Loo Yew Hann

Casting Director : Tree

Security : Crystal Song Choo Jing

Blood effect : Eleanor Tullock 


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