Alterated States



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Outdoor (Krems-Austria)

Indoor (Air de Paris)



Alterated States


New-Terriories / [eIf/bʌt/c]  / Francois Roche-Camille Lacadée

With Carsten Holler

It’s about the choreography of several dancers, several mind-machines, disarticulated and in disequilibrium, petrified in four different positions, spraying some cloudy substances, top down very dense foggy matter, disseminating a random cocktail of physiological alterated states (euphoria, melancholia, hysteria, phobia, phyllia, joy, delusion, delirium, anxiety, amnesia…) to disrupt the perception, for a drift in a synesthesia multiple and heterogeneous sensations.

The physio-zones are an initial preparation, a shamanism ceremony to reach a point of emotional delivery. It’s engaging an emphasis of the acephalous body, released from its rational jail and limits, by rationalities, as a strategy to reach a line of subjectivities escaping, crossing real and unreal, logic and illogic, through the viscera, the arterials, and the headless desirable machinery of the human body.

The cloud is using chemistry synthesis of human Pheromones ANDROSTA-4,16-DIEN-3-ONE (A5) + ESTETRAENOL (E1)  Proforma Invoice2

“It’s a safe experiment, if you feel some perturbation, let yourself drifting in this sensation but the experiment is done at their own risk of the spectator who cannot complain against author, gallery and laboratory of Chemistry on any in-desirable post effects…”

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